Monday, January 7, 2013

Week 1 - Support

As many of you know that we are Health Coaches for Take Shape for Life. I am posting this information for my clients, potential clients and for those interested in achieving optimal health. Each week there will be information from my weekly support calls with my clients filled with tips and my own personal take-aways. I will be adding other tidbits of Health and Fitness information as well as recipes!

If you have any questions or would like further information please contact us – our email is

Shelia’s Take-Aways –
Chapter 18 – Dr A’s Habits of Health
The Habits of Health book is filled with lots of information, this weeks reading – is primarily on our support systems that we surround ourselves with in our desire to achieve Optimal Health!

Dr. Anderson states that there are 3 most important areas that determine health:
1. Healthy Eating
2. Healthy Activity Level
3. Healthy Sleep

“In order to lay the foundation for a lifetime of Optimal Health, these new habits need to be studied, absorbed, and internalized until they no longer require any conscious effort on your part” (pg 222).

“Research indicates that people who use a support system are more likely to succeed in making positive changes and to maintain these changes over time” (pg 222).

Lesson 14 – Living a Longer Healthier Life

Do you have a structural Tension Chart? Email me at if you are interested in receiving one. This is a great resource.

“Whatever methods of support you choose, remember that you are in control of your health. Be aggressive in obtaining it and preserving it. Accepting individual responsibility empowers you to take charge of your life, whatever this changing world may throw at you…but do ask for and get some help along the way” (pg 109).

Quick Reference to Dr. A's Habits of Health:
• Ch 18
• Living a Longer, Healthier Life Companion Guide: Lesson 14

Healthy Habit of the Week: Support
Support is very important when we want to improve our health for the long-term! This week, can you teach someone you know about the healthy habit of support or offer support to a friend?
Here are some of your support options:

1. Your health coach: ME!
2. Call in Support Lines

1. Monday - Nurses Call 8:30pm - 9:00pm ET 512-225-3178 Pin: 579476 #
Playback #: 512-505-6856
2. Wednesday - Doctor's Call 8:30pm - 9:00pm ET 512-225-3178 Pin: 896742 #
Playback #: 212-461-8671
3. Wednesday - Habits of Health Call 8:00pm ET 512-225-9427 Pin: 77421 #
Playback #: 512-505-6863
4. Nutrition Support Hotline 1-800-509-1281 or
5. Behaviorist for emotional eating 443-379-5048 or email at
3. Website and smartphone app
4. Recipes, info:

SO what does this mean for you? Pick a couple of these to explore and set a goal to look through them or get on one of these calls!